28 Nov

What do you think about triumph? Formerly, I thought it was merely the thing that everyone tried to get—or let’s say the goal but then I found it more complicated than that. IMO, it is both the goal and the tool. Why? Let us define it by using our best knowledge (read: experience). When we were in the past we had some wishes and dreams. We might say to ourselves, “It is gonna be great if I can make it true.” Henceforth, you made some plans and did efforts. As time went by, eventually you made it. What did you feel? “I am on the triumph right now!” Yeah, that was supposed what you felt. Feeling that used to bring its friends along: independence, spirit, superiority, generosity, etc. However, did your life stop at that point? Of course not. Once you made your dream came true, you would create another one—which should be better than what you had previously. Again, you made plans and did efforts. At this period, did you still feel the triumph (and friends)? I’m afraid you didn’t. You might even have forgotten it. That’s the point! In “peace time” we tend to forget the triumphs we made—the ones that actually can be the “fuel”. This “fuel” I believe to be able to accelerate your next triumphs coming true and to my own best comprehension, it worked. So, have you remembered your TRIUMPHS?

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Posted by on November 28, 2009 in Renungan


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